Murderer? Or Moron?

Robert Aragon, a 55 year old Idaho man, along with his cousin Kenneth Quintana, were driving Aragon’s two children (his son Bear, 12, and daughter Sage, 11) to see their mother on Christmas Day.

The snow storm that day was so severe, the car could go no further.  Unbelievably, Aragon orders his children to walk the remaining ten miles in the storm to their mother’s house.

The son was found alive, delusional from hypothermia about 13 hours later in a bureau of land management restroom.  The daughter, Sage, was found dead by resuce dogs about 15 hours later, next to a barbed wire fence, buried in snow.

Aragon did not call his children’s mother, and she did not call him.  One of the mother’s friends, JoLeta Jenks, finally called police 10 hours after they were missing.

The father is now being charged with second degree murder.  He feels that is too stiff, as well as his bond.  (Keep in mind that the father has prior convictions and still got custody of the children.  I can’t wait to find out what kind of quality individual the mother is.)

Read the whole story and see the video here.

Then tell me what you think, Murderer or Moron?



Robert E. Aragon, 55, appeared in court Monday on charges of felony injury to a child and second-degree murder. He was charged after his 11-year-old daughter, Sage Aragon, died after trying to walk nearly 10 miles in a snowstorm on Christmas Day.

One thought on “Murderer? Or Moron?

  1. The mother is just as special as you would think. She had a total of three children. The two older children lived with thier father because she had been declared an unfit mother. So she went and got pregnant again(she claims she never knew the fathers name) . She had another daughter and again the state declared her an unfit mother and took the child into custody. Joleta is an alcoholic, drug using waste. It will be interesting to hear if a phone call was really made and she said she was on her way to pick up the kids. What pisses me off is I have heard that there are donations being made into an account under her name for the surviving son. (She does NOT have custody of him and never has. She only saw the two kids a few times a year.) Any money given will probably be used to buy alchohol or drugs.


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