Poor Levi: "He has to do everything by the book now"

Poor, poor Levi Johnston…  Now that the media is watching his every move he has to obey rules that everyone else has to.

And then there’s that whole thing about his mother being a drug dealer…  suddenly the troopers are publicly backing off the idea that Palin’s VP Candidacy had anything to do with the delay in their investigation.

2 thoughts on “Poor Levi: "He has to do everything by the book now"

  1. I can’t say that Palin does anything other than make my blood run cold, when I think that she could have become President one day.

    However, whatever the background, if this guy really IS suitable for the job and was found to be so through previous work for the company, then, for his sake and for others, the rule that a diploma is essential for anyone to take up an apprenticeship is plainly total BS dreamed up by some jerk who didn’t know what he or she was talking about! No wonder nobody thought about such a requirement at the time, because it’s plainly stupid!


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