SatAnn Coulterbeast: A Hideous Creature, Easy To Despise

Helen is reading the book by the raging lunatic bitch, Ann Coulter, and summarizing for the rest of us.  My favorite part of her latest post is:

Single mothers are worse than cigarette companies – page 59

Children of single mothers become rapists and serial killers – page 61

Shotgun weddings should be celebrated – page 71

For those of you who think I am being a bit hard on Ann and in particular her gigantic feet, let me spell it out for you.   You know what they say about big feet right?   Well, in Ann’s case the shoes fit.  Here is the other joke she made about murdered children.  Reprinted without edit:

In 2003, single mother Amanda Hamm, twenty-seven years old, drowned her three young sons, aged six, three and twenty-three months, so she could move to St. Louis with her boyfriend.  It would have been a lot of trouble to bring the boys with them.  Apparently, the prospect of hearing “are we there yet?” for eight hours was just too daunting for Amanda.

So you tell me.  Am I being too hard on her?

Well Margaret, that brings us to the conclusion of another chapter from the best selling author, Ann Sasquatch Coulter.  I think I’ll go pour myself a strong drink and pull out my fingernails.  But do come back soon because I will eventually find the strength to read the next chapter.

Read the entire insightful post here.

I love Helen Philpot.  I despise Ann Coulter.  I cannot see how anyone could feel otherwise.

Helen talks alot about The CoulterBeast’s Feet:

















Her hands are ghastly as well:




























Let’s face it, she (?) is a hideous beast:











Could it be SATANN?


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