Nadya Suleman, mother of 14, is a delusional idiot, as are Allan Mayer and Michael Furtney

Nadia Suleman has given birth to fourteen children in the last 7 years ALL by invitro fertilization.  She is single.  She is unemployed.  She is a liar (she says that she has not had any plastic surgery).  She is deranged.

Allan Mayer, a crisis management specialist and principal partner at 42West in Los Angeles says, “Ten years ago, this would have been a medical miracle — heartwarming, everyone would have been thrilled.  If everyone was riding high and feeling flush . . . it would be more of a ‘live and let live’ attitude. Now everyone is counting pennies. There’s a lot less forgiveness these days than there would have been at the height of the boom. . . . The public is almost primed to go very quickly from joy to suspicion and fury.”

Allan Mayer is an idiot.  Regardless of what the economy was like people are not going to think it’s heartwarming that this NUT keeps forcing births.  She has no way to take care of them, or even the hospital bill that is growing by the day.

The LA Times article quotes another jackass, Michael Furtney, one of Suleman’s publicists:

Michael Furtney said he had been taken aback at some of the public reactions to the event — which included death threats against the mother and people boycotting firms that he had done business with because of anger about the case.
“It is sad,” Furtney said. “When you move from an ordinary person to celebrity life, there are no bars or limits. . . . It is the death of privacy.”


He asked for people to be more tolerant until Suleman has told her story but said that at a time when the economy is tanking and people are uncertain of their futures, “she makes a handy target.”


I wonder how much Michael Furtney has been paid.  Wait!  That’s right.  She’s unemployed and penniless.  Surely he will be compensated a percentage of whatever circus fees are derived from the birth of these 14 unwitting subjects of outrage and ridicule.

Yeah, Nadya Suleman is a great mother!  Read on:

Since Furtney and his partner Joann Killeen became Suleman’s public relations advisors on Friday after Kaiser officials pre-screened the firms, they have been deluged with offers of film, book and television deals, which some publicists said could be worth millions.


“If it could go worldwide, maybe half a million dollars,” Griffin said. “A year ago, it might have been worth a million. I just don’t think publications have a million or two to spare.”


Judith Regan, the controversial agent behind O.J. Simpson’s “If I Did It” book, said she does not believe there’s a market for Suleman because “she seems so selfish and irresponsible.”


This makes me sick.


KTLA, a local LA station that has been following Suleman’s sordid life says:

“Nadya Suleman is receiving $490 a month in food stamps and THREE of her previous six children are DISABLED and RECEIVING FEDERAL ASSISTANCE.”

This link is to an article which discusses how this single mother of 14 children, who at the age of 33 still lives with her parents, came to these stupid and outrageous decisions AND names the doctor (Michael Kamrava) that implanted the embryos:
Here, Nadya’s mother, Angela speaks out on how irresponsible she feels her daughter is:

“Exploiting infants for financial gain and fame is not appealing to publishers,” Regan said. “And the publishing business is so in the toilet right now I doubt she’ll find anyone sane to support her endeavor.”

Molly Jong-Fast, an agent with Vigliano Associates in New York, said she would take Suleman’s book “in a minute.”

“What she did was amazing in her own way,” Jong-Fast said. “Is this a story that deserves to be told? Absolutely. I want her number.”

But he said it is very important that the babies appear “happy,” especially with the market only interested in photos that may lift people’s spirits.

“You want eight chubby, smiling, healthy faces,” he said. “That’s what you want.”

Frank Griffin, of the photo agency Bauer-Griffin, said he’s not sure what photos of the octuplets are worth in today’s tough economy.

7 thoughts on “Nadya Suleman, mother of 14, is a delusional idiot, as are Allan Mayer and Michael Furtney

  1. The woman’s clearly out of her tree. It’s sad that modern generations seem to have no sense of responsibility whatsoever – what I want is what I need and it’s what I’m going to have!

    That attitude is responsible for MOST of today’s ills – even the current financial crisis. If people weren’t so greedy and selfish, the banks (rich, greedy and selfish) wouldn’t have been able to manipulate them so easily.


  2. I agree with you that this woman is irresponsible and shortsighted. However, she did what she did, and railing on her without a morsel of understanding is not going to help. You offer no solution.


  3. Solution? You can’t “return” the children and she is obviously an unfit parent. The taxpayers are going to be picking up the tab monetarily and the children will pay the ultimate price.

    The woman should have her tubes tied so she can’t have any more children. It wouldn’t surprise me if she churned out even more.


  4. How would having her tubes tied make a difference? That makes no sense. She needs to lose her uterus. That’s called a hysterectomy.


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