“There is danger in blindly following the party line”

“It has long been held that decisions made collectively by large groups of people are more likely to turn out to be accurate than decisions made by individuals. The idea goes back to the “jury theorem” of Nicolas de Condorcet, an 18th-century French philosopher who was one of the first to apply mathematics to the social sciences. Now it is becoming clear that group decisions are also extremely valuable for the success of social animals, such as ants, bees, birds and dolphins. And those animals may have a thing or two to teach people about collective decision-making.”

Read the whole story here.  Then call the Republicans.

3 thoughts on ““There is danger in blindly following the party line”

  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing. Really enjoyed it.

    And thanks for comment on my site with the link. Crazy!


  2. This is interesting. If you lookiup on google, there is a test put out by nasa that has you grade the importance of items you’d need to survice on the moon by yourself and then with a group. TIf you do it in a group of people, you’ll find the group average is almost always higher than the indifvidual average. Nice post.


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