SWEET!!!: BART holdup victim grabs knife, kills robber

Finally, an article about Oakland that brings a smile to my face:

(02-20) 11:29 PST OAKLANDA man being robbed by two Oakland men in the parking lot of the Fruitvale BART station managed to grab a knife from one of the assailants and stabbed the other one to death, authorities said today.

The robbery victim was approached by the two 18-year-old men about 9:30 p.m. Thursday. One of the men showed a knife and the other said he had a gun, BART spokesman Linton Johnson said.

Their target, a 23-year-old man who lives out of state, was robbed of some items before wrestling away the knife from one of the men and stabbing the other robber, Johnson said. He said the stabbing “appears to be a self-defense move.”

The two assailants ran, and the robbery victim, whose name was not released, called Oakland police.

A short time later, police got a 911 call from a nearby home about a stabbing, Johnson said.

That call came from a house around the corner from the station, where the family of Christopher Gonzalez lives. Gonzalez ran into the home, cried out for his parents and sister and collapsed in his father’s arms, the father, Javier Gonzalez, said today.

The elder Gonzalez said he had tried to perform CPR but had been pulled away by police. Christopher Gonzalez died at the home.

The other alleged robber was also at the home and was arrested, Johnson said. He had items from the holdup but was not armed, Johnson said. His name has not been released.

How much you wanna bet that the cops get taken to task (or court) for SUPPOSEDLY “pulling away the elder Gonzalez” that was attempting to perform CPR.  Maybe if the little cocksucker wasn’t robbing someone at knife point he wouldn’t have gotten stabbed, eh?

Something tells me vigilanteism is going to make a big comeback.


(If you check the comments at the SF Chronicle you will see that I am not the only one that feels this way.)

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