What’s Up With The Obsession With Bristol Palin’s Breasts?

Seriously, I did one stupid post one day when I finally noticed that her breasts were ginormous.  That post gets more traffic by far than anything actually interesting.

Check out the search terms for the past few days:

These are terms people used to find your blog.


Search Views
bristol palin breasts 13
bristol palin bra size 4
bristol palin breast size 2
bristol palin’s bra size 2
bristol palin breast 2
bristol palin breats 1
how big are bristol palins breasts 1
when was bernie madoff head of nasdaq 1
breast “bristol palin” 1
bristol palins bra size 1


Search Views
bristol palin breasts 99
bristol palin bra size 22
bristol palin’s breasts 19
bristol palin breast 16
yes we can 16
bristol palin’s bra size 8
bristol palin cup size 8
bristol palin breasts pics 8
bristol palin breast size 8
edward jones ponzi scam 7


Don’t people have anything better to do than investigate the size of this girl’s breasts?  I guess it must be all the unemployed…

Or are all breasts are highly searched and sought after items???


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7 Responses to What’s Up With The Obsession With Bristol Palin’s Breasts?

  1. CJ says:

    Now THAT would be worth searching for 😉


  2. cooper says:

    sorry..did you say something???


  3. sauer kraut says:

    How did I ever miss this post?

    betcha it’s mostly women searching… 😉


  4. dummidumbwit says:

    I think about stuff like that all the time but not hers, something about the law an her Mom being more my age anyway?


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  6. Dusty says:

    No idea what the big deal is about Bristols Epic taters….


  7. Fd says:

    The whole thing is a joke


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