If AIG’s People Are “The Best And The Brightest” We’re In Real Trouble

AIG’s people ran a huge, global company into the ground.  HUGEGLOBALThey are the best and the brightest???

AIG wants to (or already has?) shell out millions in bonuses and retention pay because they are afraid they are going to leave???  I say, don’t let the door hit ’em in the ass on the way outGood Riddance!

Where the hell do they think they are going to go?  Oh, wait!, after they get their multi-million dollar bonuses and retention pay that they didn’t earn and don’t deserve, they’ll go live somewhere else, some other scoundrel-friendly country, and spend it.  Yeah, that’s right.

There are plenty of qualified, honest people out there that are currently without a job that can likely do a helluva lot better than these jackasses.

This is so outrageous that I am almost speechless.


The former CEO of AIG, Hank Greenberg (who resigned in 2005) calls the retention pay “mind boggling” and that “many of the people who received bonuses did not deserve them.”

He goes on further to say that “During his time at the company, Greenberg said, retention packages did not exist at AIG Financial Products, the Connecticut-based division of AIG now under fire for the bonuses.

We would never have been blackmailed into such an arrangement,” he said.


Honestly, they must think that we are all a bunch of idiots.  They are pissing all over us and laughing…








Every picture tells a story, don’t it?

One thought on “If AIG’s People Are “The Best And The Brightest” We’re In Real Trouble

  1. The current staff have one big asset and item of leverage – they know where the bodies are buried – nuff said?


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