Melissa Huckaby’s Attorney Wants Sandra Cantu’s Body Exhumed

I know that every one is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but…

The SF Chronicle reports that Melissa Huckaby’s defense team is saything they “should be allowed to examine Ms. Cantu’s body to discern alternative explanation for the assigned coroner’s observation of alleged genital trauma, so that Ms. Huckaby can defend herself against those allegations,” Behar wrote.

Behar added that his request was urgent because Sandra’s body “will deteriorate as time goes by, and … without immediate intervention to have the body preserved in the closest possible state to when the assigned coroner examined the body, an examination by Dr. Haddix of Ms. Cantu’s body would have progressively diminishing value.”

“Ms. Cantu’s body is of such material evidence and that, without immediate intervention by this court, (Huckaby’s) defense will be prejudiced,” Behar wrote. “If the defense pathologist is not permitted to examine the body, the defense will be forever denied the opportunity to refute the people’s case.”

Read the entire article here.


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