Conan O’Brien is NOT Funny. What is NBC thinking?

Apparently, this was all planned out and in a contract five years ago to have Conan O’Brien take over for Jay Leno.

I have tried to watch Conan O’Brien a couple of times, but he’s just so boring and not funny at all that I just either turned off the television or changed the channel.

It’s more fun to watch paint dry.

Jay Leno tells Rolling Stone:  ““Here at NBC, they have this thing that they like you to leave before you peak out and you’re over the top. And that’s what they wanted to do with me,” Leno says. “I said, ‘Guys, whatever you want to do.’ I’ve never been one of these guys that breaks up with a girl and goes, ‘But why? If I do this, will you go out with me?’ I’m more like, ‘Babe, if you don’t want to see me, I’m gone. It’s over. Thank you.’ “

obrien and leno

2 thoughts on “Conan O’Brien is NOT Funny. What is NBC thinking?

  1. Perhaps another channel – 7 maybe – will decide to come up with some real money for Jay and put him against the Tonight Show. Conan is a fool, and acts like a fool. I tried to watch him a few times but become disgusted the minute he walks out and pertends to be a puppet. I would be happy to watch a puppet instead of this stupid act. He will NEVER be successful on this show – I will have to turn my channel to Channel 2 – Letterman, after I watch Jay at 1000.


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