Losing Your Job Can ENSURE That You Don't Get Another One

So there you are…. a good, solid, hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizen.  You are working your ass off, mostly just getting by, saving a little bit here and there.  Maybe every two to five years you might get a little vacation in.

Then, your company is cutting back or goes out of business.  You lose your job.  Unemployment benefits, if they are available to you–because they are not available to those that are self-employed or under-employed–don’t quite cut it.  Unemployment benefits don’t pay for the mortgage and all the utilities.  You cut back, but it still doesn’t cover life’s every day expenses.

Then, the almighty credit score slips…  and slips… and slips….

And then, there is light!

You have been looking for work for months and months and you finally get a job offer.  A good job.  They want to do a background check and a credit check (?).

But WAIT!!!  I need this job so that I can pay those bills that I haven’t been able to pay while I was looking for this good job.

That’s right people:  You can be denied a job because of a “bad” credit score.  This is a fucked up situation.  Now THIS should be outlawed.

free coffee and doughnuts for the unemployed

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