What if ALL elected persons took at least a 10% pay cut? Think of all the money that would be saved…

I tried to find how many elected officials there are in the United States government.  Perhaps there are so many that they don’t want to divulge the numbers because it might cause heart failure from coast to coast.

According to the University of Chicago, there are more than 500,000 elected officials in the United States Government.

There are 141 elected officials in the in the state of Hawaii.  Looks like there are even more than that just for the city of New York.

Looks like there are about 61 elected officials for the City of Los Angeles.

There’s a boat-load for the State of Washington.  And, apparently, there are too many in Dodge County, Wisconsin.  The State of Georgia, on the other hand, looks like they are running with a much smaller crew.

My point is that there are a LOT of elected officials.  Too many in my opinion.  AND they are overpaid.  If all elected officials took a pay cut of at least 10% imagine how much money that would save.

The State of California reduced the pay of some elected officials by 18%.  That cut reduced pay for some law makers from $116,028 to $95,143 and some legislative leaders’ salaries will go from $133,639 to $109,584.

All but two of California’s elected officials are among the highest paid in the Country.  To his credit, Schwarzenegger does not accept the California Governor’s salary of $212,179.  Supposedly, there are 23 others that take less than their allowed salaries as well.

My point is that they are overpaid.  I also firmly believe that if they cannot come up with a budget that they should work without pay, and not get paid back retroactively either, until they do so.  It’s their job.  If I don’t do my job I don’t get paid.  Why should they?

I also feel strongly that elected officials should not be able to decide or vote on how much they get paid.  That should be up to us, their employers.  WE should vote on their pay and performance.  I don’t know of anyone else that gets to pick and raise their pay… (except those Wall Street types…)

What say YOU?

Bush Flipping The Bird

2 thoughts on “What if ALL elected persons took at least a 10% pay cut? Think of all the money that would be saved…

  1. All higher level government officials at federal, state, county and local levels should forego pay raises this year.

    In addition, we need to take a closer look at the pay scales at institutes of higher education. In pennsyltucky, dozens of people at Penn State (including satellite campuses), State System of Higher Ed, and community colleges make more than does the Governor for the Commonwealth.


  2. Cut the elected officials by 10% I’d say, but why stop at only 10%? If you did that, you could probably cut the unelected ones by double, treble that, or more, because they only exist to service and pay the elected ones you just got rid of – and then there are those that service and pay them that you no longer need … and so on.

    Hey! Who needs MOST of them anyway?

    LOVE the picture 🙂 Says it all!


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