9 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Hires A Ghost Writer for Op-Ed in WaPo

  1. You’ve had too much of the hateka.

    I don’t know if you know this, but when you write a piece for a major publication on an important topic it looks quite a bit different than how you speak it out. The piece was not brilliantly written or particularly earth-shattering. But it was practical and made sense to an ordinary conservative like me. That is exactly the appeal of the Governor. So unless you have some kind of real evidence about this “ghost writer,” I think you are seeing things.


  2. Here you can see yet even more people are not swallowing that she can string together a coherent sentence:


    Where they write:

    “As anyone who saw her resignation speech would certainly attest, the article was clearly not written by Palin herself, but by some handler. This is no big surprise in itself–we recently learned that her speech at the Republican convention last year was composed before the McCain campaign had decided on a nominee, and in truth officeholders rarely do their own stunts–but considering the last time we had an empty suit in the White House we got the shadow presidency of Darth Vader, and all the illegality that came with it, it’s worth noting.”


  3. Palin has repeatedly shown her lack of any kind of substantial knowledge across the board. Her inability to grasp the nuances and structure of the English language is certainly entertaining, laughable and at the same time, cringe worthy.

    There has been no evidence that Palin is familiar with critical thinking skills, let alone the ability to form coherent, logical, reasonable or pertinent thoughts or conclusions. She has a scattered and shallow approach to life which leaves Palin without any in-depth explorative forays into the world of ideas, problem-solving, understanding, self-awareness or ability to form independent and valid opinions and arguments.

    Her education has not served her well at all. Palin doesn’t have the wherewithal for honest self-examination. She is a one-dimensional flash in the pan of politics. If she continues her clawing in the political arena, she will certainly be exposed for the simple-minded person that defines the real Sarah Palin.

    Word salad anyone?


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