Scott Peterson’s Family Is Begging For Money (on top of tax payer dollars) For His Appeal To Get Him Out Of San Quentin!

Ahhh….  the blind love of a parent. 

(Update:  in the spirit of listening to both sides, here is a link to the Peterson’s appeals website.)

Here is the article from today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

I wonder if the Petersons are reading the comments (he might be safer in San Quentin):


7/16/2009 10:01:57 AM
You have got to be kidding.


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7/16/2009 10:02:41 AM
What a fool.

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7/16/2009 10:02:54 AM
Die already, you murdering pig. And your mother is a horrible person as well. I have to see the spot where your baby’s corpse and your wive’s headless body washed up on shore whenever I take my dog to Pt. Isabel. You are the most sickening person in San Quentin, just as disgusting as Manson.

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7/16/2009 10:03:05 AM
Scott Peterson can kiss our collective @ss.

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7/16/2009 10:03:05 AM
IN OTHER WORDS: If Cliff Gardner won’t take the case on spec, who are we to throw good money away?

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7/16/2009 10:03:13 AM
hmm??? this guy’s a piece of work, aint he?

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7/16/2009 10:03:18 AM

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7/16/2009 10:03:58 AM
Sad to say, but he’ll get money out of some suckers.

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7/16/2009 10:04:03 AM
Ha ha ha ha! *gasp* Ha ha ha ha! Can you see the ad?!

We need more funds to set our murdering scoundrel of a son free! Will you help? Please mail your donations to:

The Sick and Twisted Fund
666 Hades Road
Hell, HL

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7/16/2009 10:04:11 AM
I don’t want to hear or read the name Scott Peterson ever again. Rot in jail, boyo.

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Just before they decided that Scott Peterson should be put to death, they wanted one more look at his pregnant wife and what he had done to her.

The jurors looked at the autopsy photos and at a pretty picture of the 27- year-old Laci Peterson wearing her holiday best. Then they were ready.

After 11 hours and 30 minutes of deliberations, the jury decided Monday that Peterson, 32, should die in San Quentin’s death chamber for murdering his wife and their unborn child. The verdict marked the end of a six-month trial that became a national obsession.

The jury, Morton said, had unanimously voted to “fix the penalty at death. ”

There were no gasps, groans or emotional outbursts from either Scott or Laci Peterson’s families. Rocha put her head down and quietly sobbed. Juror No. 9 wiped tears from her eyes. Peterson showed no emotion.

At least four jurors looked at Laci Peterson’s mother, Sharon Rocha. Some winked and gave her quick nods.

Outside the courthouse, hundreds of people remained roped off from the entrance steps by yellow police tape. With televisions and radios tuned to hear an audio feed of the verdict, some cheered as the death recommendation was read.

Delucchi thanked the jurors for their six months of service and praised their diligence.

“This is the way you saw it,” he told them. “This is the way it is.”

The jurors were told they could now discuss the case and were excused. As they walked out, passing Peterson on their way, Juror No. 11 looked him in the face and kept going.

Laci Peterson waves to her husband, Scott, in a home video he made the summer before her disappearance. The 25-second clip was part of a tape recovered from a camcorder stolen from their house.


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