Why Did You Bring A Loaded Gun To A Presidential Event?

What are you doing to help this debate?  What are you advocating?

“I’m advocating an informed society, and armed society, a polite society…. that’s all there is to it.”

“More guns, less crime.”

So you’re saying that if a thousand people today that were all armed it would be a safer crowd?


If everybody had a gun?


Uhhhh…  WTF?

Are we all going to start riding horses, carrying ropes and flask of whiskey?  No more bathing unless you happen upon a river?

I don’t get it.

Is anyone else scratching their head?

3 thoughts on “Why Did You Bring A Loaded Gun To A Presidential Event?

  1. There is a logic to it. Unfortunately, it assumes that the thousand people who were armed would all be sensible, decent people who wouldn’t start shooting just because they disagreed with any outcome – yeah, right! And I’m Santa Claus!


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