Reality Check On Health Care Reform

I got an email this morning asking me to either upload a video of myself saying what I think about healthcare reform OR take a “quiz” to see how the healthcare reform package would benefit me directly based on my current situation.

I took the quiz.  Here are the answers that I got:

Here’s What You Will Get Out of Health Insurance Reform

  1. Reform will bring down costs generally and make insurance more affordable and accessible, ensuring more choices for quality coverage
  2. Reform will allow you to keep the coverage you have if you want to
  3. Reform will establish an insurance exchange that will provide easy one-stop shopping to compare rates and services and promote competition
  4. Reform will streamline and simplify paperwork and cut the bureaucracy for you and your doctor
  5. Reform will be accompanied by an agreement to end the “donut hole” in Medicare Part D, dramatically reducing both the costs and anxieties associated with purchasing prescription drugs
  6. Reform will end discrimination based on gender – a healthy 22 year old female can be charged premiums 150% higher than a healthy 22 year old male under the status quo
  7. Reform puts a cap on what insurance companies can force you to pay in out of pocket expenses, co-pays and deductibles
  8. Reform will prohibit insurance companies from dropping or watering down insurance coverage for you or your family members if you become seriously ill
  9. Reform will prevent insurance companies from placing annual or lifetime caps on the coverage you receive

Then I clicked on this link for more.  You should too.  My premiums go up 10% every year — and I’m healthy!

One thought on “Reality Check On Health Care Reform

  1. IF and it delibertately is a BIG if, things turn out that way, then maybe you guys have something to think about. Of course, we in the UK are stuck with the idea that PERFECT AND TOTAL healthcare should be absolutely free for all. Free that is except for the extortionate taxes that still fail to cover the costs involved and so we all wind up with second rate care.

    You are coming at it from a different angle, so just maybe you can make it work. I sure hope so.

    Perhaps the answer is simply to spell out at the start what IS covered and what ISN’T. If IVF and similar treatments are considered elective and not essential and therefore not available unless you pay for them for yourself, then perhaps you actually WILL be able to afford it. If you include all those sorts of things then I fear you’ll fail hopelessly to keep up with the provision of proper healthcare at a rate that the population can and, more importantly, will be prepared to afford.


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