The Slobbering Right Wing Moron Adds Another Video To YouTube

This is some quality stuff.  Again, rambling incoherently about Obama and flavored chewing tobacco.

Seems awfully quiet.  Apparently this guy has no friends, drinks himself into a stupor, videotape himself and posts himself on YouTube.

Good stuff.  Now we all know how Repooplicans spend their “quiet time”.


You can see everything this steaming pile of shit posts by clicking here.  You’re going to love the way he spells.   🙂

3 thoughts on “The Slobbering Right Wing Moron Adds Another Video To YouTube

  1. I have to say that you Americans have given me one hell of a problem, or at least you’ve made a problem I (as a Brit) already had, one heck of a lot worse.

    I would either have to consider myself to be what equates to a pretty right wing Democrat or a very left wing Republican.

    Now, though, the Democrats appear to have shifted considerably to the left and the Republicans have seem to have disintegrated into a right-wing reactionary rabble.

    Where does that leave people like me? In a way, I have always looked towards America as being someone who had a somwhat tarnished handle on freedom and democracy – tarnished as I say, but a handle never the less?

    I believe in healthcare for all, I don’t believe in anything being done solely by government because I don’t believe in BIG government. Heck, I don’t really believe in big anything – to me, small is very definitely beautiful, adorable, desirable, to be put on a pedestal (you get the picture?). When anything gets too big it loses human proportions and gets way beyond our (or anyone else’s) control and I find that scary.

    I think my best hope is from the UK Tories who are more or less our equivalent of your Republicans, but I imagine you’d see them as being more like right-wing Democrats in many ways and they are absolute pussycats compared with your Palins, McCains and Bushes.

    We have our share of lunatics in the UK, that’s for sure, but I sure as hell hope there aren’t many like this guy!

    Great post! 🙂


  2. It is important to remember that the current administration wants to offer a public OPTION for health care. It would just be another CHOICE.


  3. The difficulty for Americans must be doing just that – choosing when all the “information” comes from mud slinging and reactionary lies. Whatever happened to informed debate?


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