Breasts Are Big Breaking News These Days?

Here is a video of Elisabeth Hasselbeck talking about how she inadvertently sent everyone in her entire family and her husband’s family a photo of her nipple:

And then, there was some supposed uproar about Meghan McCain posting this photo of herself on Twitter:


It’s hard to believe that this kind of stuff gets more attention than real news.

Breasts demand a lot of attention.  Take a look at my top ten posts:

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Interesting isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Breasts Are Big Breaking News These Days?

  1. Well, being a guy, I have to admit I find looking at a woman with her top off interesting and quite enjoyable. Of course I live in the right place for that because there are few days when frequently rather attractive women wearing very little at all are to be seen on our poolside.

    All that said, the more available these things are, the less one tends to take any notice of them.

    But I couldn’t agree more with you that a few breasts being flashed about the place can hardly compare in importance with the huge number of crises joining the endless queue of things our governments no longer seem to be able to fix – if indeed they ever could do anything useful.

    Where did our sense of proportion go?


  2. ok, breasts are always great news but am amazed that there was an ‘uproar’ for that picture… seems kinda over the top (hihi…). If one of the english politicians daughter would send a racy picture of themself, no one would care at all. Most likely she would get a page one in the more sleazy newspaper but kinda hope that they would run with something more news worthy than that… Btw, thanks for a nice blog, enjoy reading it.


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