word du jour: DEBAUCHERY

I feel that Merriam Webster is the ultimate resource for definitons, so once again I rely on them for my word of the day:  DEBAUCHERY

Main Entry: de·bauch·ery
Pronunciation: \di-ˈbȯ-chə-rē, -chrē, -ˈbä-\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural de·bauch·er·ies
Date: 1642

1 a : extreme indulgence in sensuality b plural : orgies
2 archaic : seduction from virtue or duty

Interesting that the plural of DEBAUCHERY is ORGIES.  This definition implies that indulging in, well, fabulous orgasms is less than virtuous.  And, what can I say about “duty” except “doody”.  Poo on that.

Let’s use that in a sentence:

When on vacation many a widely known virtuous soul could be easily swayed unto delicious DEBAUCHERY.

One thought on “word du jour: DEBAUCHERY

  1. I always thought that orgies was the plural of orgy and debaucheries was the plural of debauchery (which can also be an adjective – debauched). But then who am I to argue with Merriam Webster?

    However, what a nice young lady (and lots of other nice young ladies too) your video shows, although I’m not sure why we needed the guitarist at all. Still for those of us clearly into the second half of our existence, I suppose he does demonstrate a delightful way to go when the time comes 😉


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