Manuel Ortega is a RAPIST

Take a good look at this picture and commit his face and name to your memory as this is likely not the first, nor the last, time he has done this.

manuel ortega, rapist

Apparently, a 15 year old girl was attending the homecoming dance at Richmond High School in Richmond, CA, and when she left the dance and was getting ready to call her father for a ride home a classmate lured her behind the building for some underage drinking.

According to the story, she drank quite a bit in a short amount of time and became an easy target for the cocksucker pictured above PLUS about a half dozen other losers RAPED and BEAT and ROBBED her — all while about TWENTY ONLOOKERS CHEERED THEM ON.

Some of these fine young people, the future of America, even went and got others to watch or join in.  “If you want to get fucked there is a drunk girl behind the building and everyone is joining in.”  That’s a real quality mentality.  What kind of parenting is going on these days?  Is this a result of not being able to give your kid a good ol’ fashioned ass whoopin’?

Or is it, as someone pointed out, that the latino community does not value women?  If that’s the case, go back to your own country and ruin it.  The Bushes and Cheneys and Becks and Limbaughs are doing well enough here on their own without your help.

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4 Responses to Manuel Ortega is a RAPIST

  1. rajat says:

    if i had the chance, i would give this bastard alive to hungry wild pigs
    before that, i would cover his cock with burning coal, then fill his ass with burnin tar


  2. girl du jour says:

    That is good solid thinking, Rajat. Why didn’t I think of that?


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