More Suspects Named In The Gang-Rape At Richmond High School

All of them are being charged as adults regardless of their age because of the heinous nature of the crime:

Ari Morales, 16 years old

Cody Ray Smith, 15 years old

Marcelles Peter, 17 years old

Manuel Ortega, 19 years old

Add to that, quite possibly:

Salvador Rodriguez, 21 years old

Then we have the mother of Marcelles Peter, Monquahsa Peter, saying that if her son is found guilty and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law that she will sue the City of Richmond.

Her son, Marcelles, says he was just walking by.  Yeah, that’s right, teenagers NEVER lie.


To the parents of these children, I have two words:  NICE JOB!


11 thoughts on “More Suspects Named In The Gang-Rape At Richmond High School

  1. there should be some big muscular homosexual rapist to come up to those 4 kids, beat the shit out of them and butt rape them and see how much they like it. thats how i honestly feel.


  2. While I am disgusted with this henious crime. Let me be more objective and rational here. Most of these kids are still minors, they SHOULD be tried as minors and not adults. I guess, in the United States if you are a non-white, you are always often screwed by the system. I hate the police and law for illegally trying these teens as adults. I bet, if the races of the perps were reversed…there would be a collosial outrage. But hey, they are just coloreds…so who cares huh ? Way to go America….the last few decades of white global dominance, before the Asians and other coloreds take over will see such frustrated lame attempts of white oppression on non whites after all. The only problem with those jerkoffs…they already have a black President ruling this nation and all their lame attempts to screw the blacks and other non whites is of no use to the inevitable white destruction in the next few decades globally. The dark brown colored East Indians for eg. are already the wealthiest community in the UK with their kids outscoring native whites even in academics (GCSE school/ University scores), The richest men in Britain, South Africa and Europe are east Indians. We Jewish people have done pretty well in the States too. The African American friends have done well in political circles, sports and entertainment..outscoring whites, yet again !

    A Jewish man in Indiana


  3. Too bad you didn’t get your facts straight. There were so many people raping and beating this poor girl that it spanned all races. Whites included. They should all be subjected to the same torture they dealt.


  4. I dont care what races these boys were. They need to be held accountable for this horrible crime they committed. Do you realize how unlikely it is now that they have committed a rape that they will not do so again in the future?


  5. I don’t care what race they are either. Rabbi Killinger is assuming that they are black. Interesting assumption. As this unfolds, so far we have one white girl raped, by one white boy (Cody Ray Smith) and a whole lotta Latinos.

    Wonder why Rabbi Killinger thought they were black…


  6. BTW, I think they should be tried as adults and I think they all should fry. Hopefully they will get the same treatment while incarcerated as they did to that poor girl.

    That would be sweet justice.


  7. it’s the dumb bitch’s fault. I’m from Richmond and I know the truth of what REALLY happened. She wanted to be part of a gang and as part of her initiation, she was to fornicate with 4 other guys. She agreed and was later met up with 4 other guys. They had their way with her and they took it too far with the beating. In a way, it’s the girl’s fault here. She’s just trying to make herself look more pathetic by saying her “friend” asked her to step outside. She was already drunk out of her mind by the time she was having sex (notice I didn’t say “was being raped”). So you all shouldn’t be feeling SO sorry for her.


  8. Miggs, would it be okay if it were your daughter or your sister? This is never okay. Ever. You are a sick individual.


  9. Miggs, I can’t help asking if you were one of the rapists, or maybe you stood by laughed and photographed the rape and called your loser friends to join in?

    Which was it?


  10. mann FUCK ALL OF YUH free MARCELLES!! FASSST & fuckk da LIL SKANK who’s jus another DUMB SLUT!


  11. @juicyy, you seem to be exactly the caliber of person that I would expect to support a gang rapist.


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