Richmond High School Spokesperson says about the gang rape, "we've been waiting for something to happen there"

I am so upset and disgusted.  I cannot get the poor girl who was raped out of my mind.  What must she have gone through?  What must she be going through now?  She is lured by a “friend” to get raped, beaten and robbed–by several “people”, with even more “people” looking on, cheering, laughing and taking pictures… calling more to join in.  Not one person helping her.  How will she ever recover?

 Then I read this article in the San Francisco Chronicle about her this morning.  It is definitely worth sharing.  Read the whole thing.

8 thoughts on “Richmond High School Spokesperson says about the gang rape, "we've been waiting for something to happen there"

  1. I’m sure it’s not politically correct and I’m equally sure that I’m out of line, but I can’t help feeling the way I do at this time: For those that are DEFINITELY guilty beyond ANY doubt of perpetrating or viewing and encouraging this – you won’t change the way they think and you won’t turn them into human beings (I won’t call them animals because animals are better than that) … so screw the cost of trials and so on – shoot the f*ckers right now on the street! At least they couldn’t do it again – ever!

    A bit of summary”justice” might do a lot to improve the morale of ordinary people and a lot to persuade the assholes that it’s time they re-evaluated their thinking.


  2. I am the older sister of Ari Morales and there is no scientific evidence, DNA or eyewitness proff of Ari Morales Raping this young woman. The police detectives played a ruse a well strategic ruse on an innocent young boy who had just turned 16 years old. They played mind games, lied to him phsyicologically for hours.There’s an innocent life in prison may God Bless everyone involved in the character assassination and humiliating part of my brothers life. He’s the most kind hearted person anyone could ever know always has been. It was all politics for these people. There is no justice in the criminal justice system, while the real rapist is still on the lose!


  3. However the media played a lot in brainwashing the masses to believe these individuals that so call say the caught the right people. Instead of really doing a real investigation on who the real criminals are. Where’s the justice.?!


  4. I take both sides of “serves justice” and “JaniceFuente D Vida” I personally knew morales as well. He was a kind and very intelligent person. All of us make mistakes God is the only person that can judge us. No judge, courtroom , jurrors, pprosecutors , lawyers etc. Have a chance when it comes to what God wants. He has something planned , something big for Ari. He is a young man who made the mistake for theftand some of the charges. But he DID NOT hurt the girl. He was under the influence as well and was younge at the time. Kids are stupid sometimes but Ari doesn’t deserve this injustice sentence. Trust me , ibelieve and trust in Jesuschrist my savior that he will NOT be there for long. He will be free ! God has something amazing planned for him in hislife and it will not be from inside a prison cell. My God, please listen to his weaps and prayers , he knows he’s failed in your eyes. Give him another chance , let his family find peace again. Let hin return home to a fresh start.


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