Gang-Rapists from Richmond High School plead Not Guilty

Okay, so all these losers plead not guilty.

Now our tax payer dollars are going to pay to defend them, because you KNOW they don’t have two cents to rub together, much less pay for their own defense.

It just gets better and better.

Nice system.

Love it.

Why don’t their loser parents pay for their defense?  Oh!  That’s right!  They are LOSERS, and they don’t have any money either!  Ever thought about, I don’t know… getting a job?!

3 thoughts on “Gang-Rapists from Richmond High School plead Not Guilty

  1. I agree….Elvis, especially should be strung up. This little bastard tried to do the same thing to my daughter when he was 17 and living in SSF. But she was saved by her friends, thanks God !

    My husband and I tried to prosicute him, but it seemed like between the police and his parents, they wouldn’t allow it to occur.

    I hope he rots in jail. I’ve always known that Karma would get Elvis Torrentes !


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