Did you see 60 Minutes on January 10, 2010?

Here’s Part 1

I haven’t found the rest of it yet.  But you can see the whole thing by going to 60 Minutes’ website.

One thought on “Did you see 60 Minutes on January 10, 2010?

  1. A good programme. It pretty much fits with and confirms what I thought I knew about Palin and it demonstrates very clearly that the right wing hardliners in the Republican Party have no idea of just what a tiny minority they actually represent. They seriously NEEDED a liberal running mate to make McCain electable. They simply don’t understand – in fact they know about as much about the American people as SP knows about world politics – ZIP!

    The other thing it highlights beautifully is the abysmal failures on the Democratic side too, since they did a very similar thing (almost in reverse) in selecting Obama as their candidate of choice. I suspect they thought he would be more “pliable” that Hilary Clinton and, although he’s one heck of a lot more knowledgeable, he was highly electable, but seems to us foreigners as less than tough in dealing with even his own supporters. That’s not good. We had a Prime Minister in the UK like that and he eventually became so frustrated by his lack of clout that the only way I can describe his behaviour is as being extremely petulant at times – that’s not good either.


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