One thought on “Did you see 60 Minutes on January 10, 2010?

  1. A good programme. It pretty much fits with and confirms what I thought I knew about Palin and it demonstrates very clearly that the right wing hardliners in the Republican Party have no idea of just what a tiny minority they actually represent. They seriously NEEDED a liberal running mate to make McCain electable. They simply don’t understand – in fact they know about as much about the American people as SP knows about world politics – ZIP!

    The other thing it highlights beautifully is the abysmal failures on the Democratic side too, since they did a very similar thing (almost in reverse) in selecting Obama as their candidate of choice. I suspect they thought he would be more “pliable” that Hilary Clinton and, although he’s one heck of a lot more knowledgeable, he was highly electable, but seems to us foreigners as less than tough in dealing with even his own supporters. That’s not good. We had a Prime Minister in the UK like that and he eventually became so frustrated by his lack of clout that the only way I can describe his behaviour is as being extremely petulant at times – that’s not good either.


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