Shamelessly Copied and Pasted: Time for Action

Time for Action

by DarkSyde

Tue Jan 26, 2010 at 07:00:03 AM PST

It’s refreshing to see the WH take notice of growing frustration and outright anger over the dawdling pace of badly needed reforms. Going forward, voters are angry, they’re looking for those at fault. There’s no need to erect scapegoats when the actual perps can serve. Here’s just a few examples.

  • On important issues, force the filibuster, not on paper, on the floor. Ask David Waldman and he’ll explain this is a way bigger pain in the ass procedurally than you think, but it’s doable and the lack of healthcare or a decent job is a hell of a lot bigger pain in the ass for us lowly non Senators. Let people tune into CSPAN and see a stooge shut down the government and thwart popular sentiment by droning on about evil Nazi democrats, and people will get sick of it. Pretty soon that obstructionist’s support will run for cover like roaches in a laser beam.

  • Fire someone who has failed spectacularly. Pick a cabinet official or committee chairman or whatnot that’s wrapped up in Wall Street or healthcare, and demote them or kick them to the curb. This sends a powerful message throughout the Beltway and beyond that in the WH or Congress, just like in any other job the rest of us have, failure is not lavishly rewarded.

  • When something works, don’t stop doing it. Be they bankstas or healthcare insurance executives, they are at fault and No One Likes Them. Keep them on the public hotseat, drag their sorry asses before committee and grill them mercilessly. Alternate with words from ordinary Americans whose lives have been utterly destroyed by these dicks. Time it right and they can be stammering on about their bonuses and summer homes on one news channel even as a conservative blabber-mouth defends them with a filibuster on another. Wash, rinse, repeat.  

Speeches are great, but this is the time for action. And these are just three examples out of a number of actions that can be taken right now, no cooperation from Republicans or blue dogs required. Take action, and not only do prospects improve in November, We the People could benefit forever.

I couldn’t agree more.

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