Apparently, Mitt Romney Thinks Non-Americans Can Go Fuck Themselves

If you don’t follow Kevin Theis, then you should.

Our soldiers cannot be faulted for any inappropriate behavior in the field, our black-ops sites overseas are beyond scrutiny, the behavior of our political leaders- which would be considered war crimes if perpetrated by leaders in other countries- is glossed over. Why?!”

Because we’re Americans, dude! We don’t apologize. Fuck that! So what if we bomb your wedding party instead of the insurgent camp? Shit happens!

So what if we inter an entire race of people in California during World War II because they’re yellow and their eyes look funny? Deal with it!

So what if we distribute blankets covered in smallpox to Native Americans to try and wipe them out? Is it our fault that they don’t have exceptional immune systems like us? Shit, no!”

Read the entire original post here.

Then, listen to Mitt Romney answer a question about how many wives he has:

It sounds like he says “Two at my home, and they’re owned by my son Josh.”

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