Cenk Uygur Compares Sarah Palin to Jeffrey Dahmer

“So, getting her to host a show about the natural beauty of Alaska is a bit like getting Jeffrey Dahmer to host a cooking show for the Food Network. Yes, there’s a big name attached, but is that the name you really want associated with your brand?

See the whole article here.

Saw this “poem” on this post about the details of Sarah Palin’s speaking contract:

Pre-screened questions are all the rage

When Sarah Palin takes to the stage

First class travel or private jet

Whatever she wants she will get

Black SUV’s and security superior

Only the best – nothing inferior

No autographs will be permitted

“I like a skirt on the table I’m sitted”

Private business conducted is fine

All of it done on the client’s dime

“I may be invited by queens or by kings

to spend the night and talk about things”

Comfortable lighting is always a must

“and you’ll open my water I trust?”

You wanna know what makes Sarah tick?

“One hundred grand should do the trick”

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