Have YOUR Say About ILLEGAL Immigrants

You can write your representatives, including the President, about how you feel about ILLEGAL immigrants.


If you are in California, there is Californians For Population Stabilization:


Be HEARD!  Don’t be drowned out by the ILLEGALS that are here for handouts that are paid for by YOUR hard earned taxpayer dollars!

The border between the United States and Mexico is known worldwide to be easy to cross.  Terrorists know this and they enter our country through Mexico.  Mexicans are not the only ones entering illegally.

5 thoughts on “Have YOUR Say About ILLEGAL Immigrants

  1. While I would rather this country not have a problem with illegal aliens (and let’s be honest…when we say that we mean Mexicans…not many of us are railing against, say, Brits who may have overstayed their visas) there is the issue of the labor that illegals perform in our country. The fact is illegals pick most of the crops and slaughter or pack the animals that feed the rest of our country. If all illegals vanished tomorrow, we wouldn’t have enough people to harvest our food, mainly because few American citizens would work under such difficult conditions for such a low wage. That’s why the notion that illegals are “taking away our jobs” is not a good argument. Many businesses exploit illegal immigrant labor and our government has knowingly looked the other way for a LONG time. There needs to be comprehensive immigration reform, but the proposed Arizona method is NOT the way to go. Not only won’t it help to solve the overall problem anyway, but it puts us on a slippery slope. Someday we may ALL be asked for our “papers” like we’re living under some totalitarian regime. I would never give up our civil liberties in exchange for a law that does little to address the issue. Take away the incentive to come here as an illegal. Don’t penalize the citizens, severely penalize the businesses that hire illegal workers. But then we should expect the cost of food and many other things to rise. That’s why the immigration issue must be dealt with in a more temperate manner — it ultimately affects us all. Again, we are reminded of the complexity of the issue. Many politicians would never insist we penalize business, if only because the food industry has powerful lobbyists in Washington with WAY too much influence on policy. That’s why I’m a bit cynical about those politicians who are addressing illegal immigration at all, really, given the current climate. I simply doubt their sincerity. It is a great campaign issue, but the reality of the situation is much more complex than a call for all illegals to “get out!”


  2. I like your thoughtful reply. As you say, it is complicated. Based on the information that I have gleaned, Arizona has a real problem. Like a “Wild Wild West” problem and they need to deal with it in a way that will get them the results they need.

    Like any law, it can be changed and tweaked as time goes by. Or repealed. But I think that this has shed a renewed light on a subject that is often ignored.

    I also think that our welfare recipients are too lazy to do the work that would be available in the food industry. They’d much rather collect their welfare, get drunk and smoke meth, and pump out more and more white trash babies to further populate and collect welfare, than EARN a living.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful and intelligent response. (Unlike the moron that commented on the gang rapes in Oakland.)


  3. I can only imagine the problems Arizona might be having with illegal immigration because I live in Northern Kentucky, just over the river from Cincinnati. The area has had some problems with illegals, but here BUSINESSES have been targeted by FEDERAL authorities, mainly because it’s much easier to do so due to the area’s fairly small legal or naturalized Hispanic population. But even with Arizona’s problems, I’m not sure the proposed law is the correct way to go. I’m of the opinion that if even ONE American citizen, native or naturalized, is detained, harassed, or otherwise targeted, then the law is a BUST. Of course the legal system at large doesn’t and can’t agree with me: innocent people have been jailed and even put to death, a regrettable byproduct of an imperfect legal system run by imperfect human beings drawn from a HUGE population. But I believe we still must STRIVE for perfection however impossible it may be because LIVES are often at stake.
    This law doesn’t even go into effect until the end of July, and it may be halted before then. Just today, the city council of Los Angeles, in a 13-1 vote, decided to boycott Arizona and cease doing business with the state whenever possible. It is estimated that $8 million in contracts will dry up immediately with more to come. Many contracts will not cease because of legal stipulations, but this is just the beginning as many other cities and organizations are doing or have done the same thing. It is becoming a PR nightmare for Arizona and will impact ALL of its residents, citizens and illegals alike. But if the citizens can accept the negative impact, then more power to them. We’ll see how long they can weather a storm the end of which can’t be predicted. I just think this law is as far away from a PRAGMATIC attempt at a solution as you can get since it doesn’t really HELP anybody. We already know it has NOTHING to do with jobs, as I mentioned before. And while it may rid the state of potentially violent illegals, it does nothing to combat crime by its own citizens, which no doubt comprises a much larger percentage of the total crimes committed.
    And as for welfare recipients and jobs, one must be careful here, too. A very large percentage of those who receive welfare in the US are children (assuming it DOES get to them). And many of the jobs illegals work are UNLAWFUL anyway for many reasons: the pay is less than minimum wage, the hours worked defy the law, and the working conditions are unsafe or unhealthy. That’s why businesses employ illegals in the first place — they can get away with all that stuff and MUCH more because no illegal is going to blow the whistle and call any of the federal employment agencies. I agree with you that there are many on welfare who can and should work, but I can’t ask those on welfare to work a job that I sure as Hell wouldn’t work. And anyway, welfare is another discussion entirely. It’s now kind of difficult to complain about a person receiving a few hundred dollars a month when certain organizations deemed “too big to fail” got BILLIONS!


  4. Whew! That was a long one. I wrote a freakin’ novel! It’s like I was tryin’ to take over yer blog or somethin’. Sorry, I wish I was a more succinct and pithy writer.


  5. Without borders, the US supports the invasion of Palestine, which since 1882 has incited two world wars. Without borders, the US supports a drug war and benefits, for illegal aliens who don’t give a crap, about our budgets or infrastructure. Without borders, and during war, the US supports deregulated energy deals, which enrich Canada and Mexico, while generating a cost-spiral, around the world, DURING WAR. What is wrong comes over the border, from places like Rome and Tel Aviv, not just from TJ or Nogales.


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