More Proof That The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is NOT for Small Businesses, but for Big Corporations

Don’t be fooled by the angry white right wing media machine.  So many people are, it’s amazing.

I like Obama.  In fact, the more the extreme right goes against him, the more I’m convinced that he is doing what’s best for us–because the extreme right is about the super wealthy and the corporations, not little people like me.  If they are this fired up about getting Obama out of office, he must be good.

Obama is not perfect but he is trying to do good things for the CITIZENS of this country.  The Citizens United decision, Fox News and The Chamber of Commerce are so bent on getting the Black Man out of the White House that they are pulling out all the stops–and the cash–to do it.

“The warmth drains out of Donohue’s voice entirely when he talks about Obama. The chamber supported the President’s $787 billion stimulus package. But Donohue took it personally when the Administration banned lobbyists in the White House. “I think what we do is highly honorable,” he says.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Read the whole Bloomberg Business Week article here.

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