What would YOU have done?

If I were Palin and I was insensitvie and foolish enough (which I’m not) to literally post targets on people’s heads, and market it on the internet, and then one of them (or more) actually got hurt, or worse, shot.  Or even worse, killed or maimed for life…  Even if the person who shot these people didn’t know who I was or never saw my hideous map with cross hairs on specific people in specific locations…  I would be feeling pretty awful right now.  And I sure as hell wouldn’t be acting like the victim.  I’d be thinking, “I better think long and hard and research what I say and do just in case I do have something to do with this.  After all, I am in a position of influence and I should use that wisely.”

And whether or not my hideous map with cross hairs had anything to do with the maimings and killings I’d get my ass down to Tucson lickety-split and be apologizing and asking if there were any way I could help.  Especially if I had Palin’s time, money, influence–and the map with the targets of specific people in specific locations.

But that’s me.  Not Palin.

2 thoughts on “What would YOU have done?

  1. Well, there’s not a lot that Palin does that surprises me, since I’m not aware that she ever displays any intelligence or sensitivity (which WOULD surprise me), so as you say – that’s you, not her. Shame really.


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