This is an “open letter” to Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Bachmann, Perry, Paul, and all the other wealthy people out there who say that they are “Taxed Enough Already”.

Show us your tax returns and PROVE that you are taxed enough already.  Prove to your listeners, viewers and readers that you are “like them” and feeling the pain.

I double dare you.

One thought on “SHOW *US* *YOUR* TAX RETURNS

  1. Sandy – I agree, it’s like dog years ir something. Alexandra – I aclaltuy started another blog with a friend in Dec. ’09 (A Tale of Two Bloggers). Then after about a month I realized that all I really wanted to blog about was books, so I started this. LindyLouMac – It feels longer than a year. I’ve been on Library Thing since 2006, so I had all of my books rated a catelogued already.


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