I see the problem.  You have Republicans in your vagina.

Republicans are against contraception.

Republicans are against abortion.

Republicans are against providing health care for needy children.

Republicans are against feeding hungry children.

Republicans are against educating children.

Republicans need to get out of our vaginas and stay out.

4 thoughts on “Get OUT of MY VAGINA! And STAY OUT!

  1. Actually, conservatives would LOVE to stay out of your vagina. We would love for the tax dollars produced by the sweat of our brow to stay out, too. If people think something is morally repugnant, they should not be forced to pay for it. There are millions of people who feel abortion is not a bit morally different than taking a machine gun to a pre-school. It is the left forcing conservatives into your reproduction process.

    They are NOT against providing health care for needy children, feeding hungry children or educating children. (Where in God’s holy name do you come up with such nonsense?!?) They ARE against feeding money into failed/failing programs that pruport to do those things.

    Our government is broken. Let’s fix it so the hungry children are actually fed, the sick with no insurance are cared for and our schools produce an educated population instead of what they are churning out now.


  2. “I see the problem. You have republicans in your vagina.” So that would put the democrats in the rectum.


  3. Seriously, I find it repugnant that my tax dollars goes towards paying illegal unneeded wars that kill innocent people and bring our soldiers back dead or they become homeless. More sickening is the fact that the GOP treats them like dirt, after using them in their dirty wars. I don’t want my tax money going towards that. So quit your bishing. Especially if you don’t have a vagina, quit bishing. If you are a rich woman you can get an abortion, called a D&C, and it’s allowed and overlooked. If you are poor, you have hell to pay and might as well use a hangar. Pseudo Christians who hate liberals but worship one, Jesus, who say they love fetuses but hate poor babies, children, women and blacks but whine about abortion, which is nothing but power and control, need to look in the mirror and realize what hypocrites they are. Are you adopting unwanted children? Are you caring for the poor? NO.


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