Raw 10 Minute Video Shows Michael Brown Laying Dead In The Street

You can hear the person who is taping and the people around him in awe.  It takes well over 3 minutes into the video before what appear to be paramedics approach the body.  Another couple minutes go by while they continue looking at Michael Brown, but no one touches him.  You can briefly hear a siren, but no new emergency personnel arrive on the seen.  At 7 minutes still no one has touched the body.  Only after 10 minutes–on this video–does someone cover him with a very small sheet.

This isn’t right.  I don’t care.  NO ONE helped Michael Brown as he lay dying in the street.  Even if he was already dead, NOT ONE person even touched him.  NOT ONE emergency personnel even pretended to care.  This is why everyone is so angry.  And rightfully so!

Text from the YouTube posting reads:

“This is among the earliest video shot of Mike Brown laying dead on the street after being gunned down.According to the videographer, Brown was gunned down just before filming. Voices on the video highlight that Brown had no weapon, and had his hands in the air when shot.

Residents are heard around the 1:00 mark explaining the chain of events and clearly state that Michael Brown was unarmed and not fighting with police when he was shot.

Note how the Ferguson PD do nothing to give Brown aid or even to secure his body at the scene beyond roping off the general area. Note the nonchalant behavior of the PD as Brown lays dead.

At the 3:00 mark, a man appearing to be either Michael Brown’s father or his uncle runs to the scene but is stopped by the PD.

While this video is only 10 minutes long, eye witnesses and reporters have stated that Brown’s body wasn’t moved for 4 hours. Other video clearly taken after this one show Brown’s still on the ground.

This video along with other facts coming to light disprove the Ferguson PD’s initial claims of Michael Brown being armed as there are no weapons at the scene in this video and no officer is scene doing anything to document evidence, or interview witnesses who are heard throughout the video recounting the events in disbelief. There is no CSI on the scene to examine the body or crime scene.

It’s as if the Ferguson PD on the scene had already made up their minds as to what happened and what story they were going to go with regardless of the facts or the truth.”

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