St. Louis, MO Grand Jury Leaning Towards Letting Darren Wilson Get Away With Murder Of Mike Brown… Because Uncovering The Truth Is Hard

Shaun King describes himself on Twitter as “Family Man; Author; Activist; Entrepreneur; Teacher; Fighter; Mountaineer; Organizer; Web Developer; Soccer Coach; Writer TIPS:”.  He has made it his mission to follow the murder of Michael Brown, by police officer Darren Wilson, and to get to the bottom of it and bring justice.

What many others in the media might not be aware of, this is something called “journalism”.  Not everyone follows Twitter, but if you do nothing else you may want to follow Shaun King.

Today, the St. Louis, MO grand jury says that there isn’t enough evidence to indict Darren Wilson.  I, and Shaun King, think that’s a little more than fishy.

Follow these tweets from 10 to 1 (with two numbered at “5” and “1”, but you’ll get over it):



5+5 5+4+3



1 5

These are important questions.  None of which have been answered.  Why?  Because Shaun King, not the Prosecution, is asking them.

Will there be justice for Mike Brown?  Or will Darren Wilson get away with murder?

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4 Responses to St. Louis, MO Grand Jury Leaning Towards Letting Darren Wilson Get Away With Murder Of Mike Brown… Because Uncovering The Truth Is Hard

  1. Joseph Skillings says:

    Scary to think of the result of such an outrage.


  2. Jess says:

    The criminal justice system has always been rigged against Blacks and in 2014 it has reversed thanks to the KOCHS and their wholly-owned KKK TEA PRTY and the foreign-owned FOX NEWS!


  3. B says:

    Interesting that you only give credibility to the witnesses that fit your beliefs. (Most of whose testimony is refuted by evidence, or other witnesses, and many of whom admitted later that they hadn’t seen the whole thing, or weren’t looking then.). But give none to the others, who corroborate the officer’s story….and the majority of which whose testimony doesn’t differ from others who also gave similar testimony…and whose story matches officer Wilson’s.

    Don’t let facts get in the way of your hate-on here though, it might mess up your meme.

    None of us know what really happened. Read the testimonies though, and it becomes clear that many of the stories are bullshit.


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