This Earth So Full Of Color ~ by Patricia Collins

What a world it would be
If we could live happily
On this Earth so full of color
We showed respect to our sister and brother
No black or white or shades of grey
Where love prevailed over hate
What an example we are setting for kids
When we seem to lose grasp of what the meaning of life is
Justice is not for the privileged few
And so painfully obvious there is still work to do
Why are we so quick to pick up a gun
Rather than taking a hand and going out to have fun
We should get up every morning and set a good example
Yet there are those whose feelings we trample
In politics, sports and in how a person looks
We are told to take sides rather than open the book
Quick to judge instead of looking inside
Well maybe it’s time we all get wise
Bigots, racists and mysoginist pricks
Enough is enough it just makes me sick
Survival of the fittest was a theory not fact
Yet each day this is how society is making us act
We need to stop grazing and acting like sheep
It’s time to wake up, no time to sleep
We spend so much time tearing each other to pieces
Instead of it spent embracing the similarities within each of us
So much joy in this world to be had
Yet instead of being grateful we choose to stay mad
We are not defined by the color of our skin
But by the content of character that lies within
All the years that have gone by, all the blood and lives that have been shed
And we still cannot get the message through our heads
We are given a life, it’s ours to lead
It’s time to rise up and stop the bleed
For better or worse, rich or poor
Help each other up, that’s what our hands are for
Gay, straight, black, brown
Are all distractions to get you to look down
What a world it would be to look each other in the eye
And saw each other as equals then we’d truly be color blind
© ~ 2014 Patricia Collins

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