Response To Lt. "I stopped caring" Furseth And Why He Should Turn In His Badge


Daniel Furseth is a Lieutenant in the DeForest, Wisconsin Police Department.  He recently penned an article entitled “Today I stopped caring…” wherein he blames Liberals and how they raise their children to not properly respect authority as justification for cops murdering kids, rather than acknowledging that corruption and racism are rampant in many police departments and that cops get away with murder on a regular basis.

A regular follower and commenter on my facebook page had some thoughts that he wanted to share on the subject:

I’m a 15 year veteran (now retired) cop.

Here is my apology: I apologize that the “Barney Fife” wannabe cops is whining about how terribly Liberals raise their kids.

There have been approx. 120 DWI, Malicious Mischief, and other violent crimes and irresponsible behavior by sons, daughters and young relatives of Police Chiefs, Police Officers and even District Attorneys in the past six months.

I guess we should take a page from these upstanding citizens on how our children should be raised.

I apologize as well for the Police Officers who are keeping silent and are not coming forward to point out the corruption of the police forces in this country.

Last of all, I apologize for the jackbooted thugs who are, right now, setting up some other poor kid, probably a minority, for another legalized murder.

I am sorry that they were ever issued a badge.

When I left the police force, I left it as it was in the 1994. It was at the time of the dawning of the realization that the police were escalating violent and racially motivated attacks on citizens.

I left knowing that things were going to get worse, but life is funny and it took me away from the growing ugliness we now have at our hands.

For that I really apologize. I could use the excuse that “life happens when you make plans.”

Now, however, all I can do is speak my mind, give my opinion and continue to try to goad some of the silent cops into coming forward and making a difference.

I look at reports like this and the violence around the country involving police, and I see I have my hands full.

Here’s a little bit about me…
Shot: Twice.
Stabbed: Three times.
Nearly Run Over: 14 times.
Black Eyes: About 10.
Kneed in the Groin: At least six times a year.
Held at Gunpoint: 34 times.
Rushed by a Mob (They were all Gay, and the stereotype is crap they were built like linebackers): 4 Times.
Garbage Thrown at Me: At least once every other day.

That’s the tip of the iceberg of my service of 15 years as a Police Officer.

Cry me a river, you little prick.

You stopped caring because you didn’t speak up and you didn’t tell your fellow officers they weren’t there to act as jack booted thugs, but to serve and protect the people.

You and your jerkwater cops got a pass by the Supreme Court who says you no police officer in this land has the Constitutional obligation to protect someone.

You mostly just go around harassing citizens to meet your arrest quotas.

The job changed and I left. I saw the people who the cops were arresting and harassing in a strange new light: I saw them as human beings and not some mythic “they” who were out to get all of us.

I saw injustice done upon the person of some who just had a different lifestyle and were exercising their rights as free citizens.

Yeah, blame the parents for these kids “not respecting the law.”

While you’re at it, blame your parents for raising someone so naive, so stupid that you actually think you’re justified to beat, cut or kill a kid because you think he’s a criminal first and a citizen last.

I think you should turn in your badge. Maybe they’ll give it to someone who actually deserves it.

Most likely, it will go to another one just like you who will just keep the treadmill of violence going.

You’re dismissed. There’s the door.

This also prompted another response from another reader and he explains why Today I started caring...

Both beautiful retorts.  Hopefully, a start of a revolution.


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