FBI Shreds Shawn Hannity's Favorite Witness #40; Shaun King Explains

If you care about the travesty going down in Ferguson, Missouri, the injustice of the handling of the murder of Mike Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, then you should definitely be following Shaun King on Twitter.

County “Prosecutor” (read: Defense Attorney) Robert McCulloch and Missouri Govern Jay Nixon should be held accountable for their actions, their inactions and their criminally negligent mishandling of the Grand Jury.

I’m wondering where Eric Holder and the Department of Justice are in this whole thing–they seem to be missing in action.  The FBI, however, is on the job and Shaun King is doing an excellent job of parsing things neatly, in an easy to understand format:

shaun king coverage 1

shaun king interrogation

shaun  king 1

shaun  king 2

shaun king 3

shaun king 4

shaun king 5

 What are YOUR thoughts on this???


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