Eric Garner’s Daughter Asks If Father’s Body Is Still In The Ground

Eric Garner’s daughter asks on Twitter if her father’s body is still in the ground:

erica garner


Back in December 2014, Mike Spies, visited Eric Garner’s gravesite in the Rosedale Cemetery in Linden, New Jersey.  Back then, he found:

an unmarked bit of ground. There was no tombstone or flowers, or anything else people use to memorialize the dead. There was only a muddy, 2-foot depression in the shape of a coffin.

Eric-Garner-Grave_Vocativ_Mike Spies


On January 3, 2015 Andrew Simontacchi of Staten Island Live went to the cemetery and created a pictorial and a video only to report that things haven’t changed much since then:

But a visit to plot 8B-1 turned up no flowers, photos or even a marked headstone.

The plot lies unattended, and sunk in about six inches.

There’s a wreath nearby, but it was left for the grave directly next to it — which was dedicated to Richard Szczepanowski, a soldier in the U.S. Army who served in Vietnam.

He presses further, but doesn’t get much:

When asked why the plot looked so unkempt, he responded, “We filled it once, but it rained the next day and caved it in. We’ll get around to it maybe this week,” before walking away.

Now, today, January 7, 2015 Eric Garner’s daughter has asks if her father’s body even there.

This is so sad that an entire lifetime could end up with that you are murdered in broad daylight, on video, with no one being held accountable and then forgotten after your death, except for your last words:  I can’t breathe.

When I see this story, it’s hard for me to breathe too.




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