Jon Stewart’s Hilarious Two Cents On The 2015 State Of The Union Address (VIDEO)

I am seeing this a day later than it actually aired, but Jon Stewart does not disappoint.  I could watch this again and again.

President Obama states that in a speech ten years ago that he pointed that we are not a white America or a black America, etc.–that we are the United State of America.  Jon Stewart rightly points out:  “Mr. President, being President for 6 years, in DC for 10 years… WHY WOULD YOU STILL THINK THAT???”

“You live in the city that America invented for the sole purpose to send its most petty, most partisan, argumentative assholes…  A place evidently so terrible the House of Representatives… whose sole purpose is to have representation, will not allow it to be represented.

Look at these people that you deal with every day.  Look at them not react to what, under normal human circumstances, would be unanimous applause lines:

(To watch this you have to click twice.)

Stewart then goes on to ask the still sitting GOP members of Congress:  “Are you sitting because you prefer a lower stock market and fewer jobs?  Do you sit because you want higher inflation?  NO!

What is clear is that the glue that holds us together as a people is not nearly as strong as the glue holding the wood of John Boehner’s chair to John Boehner’s ass!”

Shareable link for the meme below by clicking here.

stewart obama dicks gdj

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