Muskogee, OK Police Officer Body Cam Shows Him Shoot Suspect In The Back As He Runs Away (VIDEO)

An Oklahoma police officer, Chansey McMillan, is called to a scene because a man at a wedding has allegedly threatened to kill a woman.  The officer approaches the suspect, 21 year old Terrence Walker, who he tries to handcuff.

The suspect gets away from the officer and runs…  the officer shoots him in the back (3 of the 5 shots striking the suspect) as he is running away–only a split second after what he thought was the suspect retrieving a dropped weapon.

All this happened within 35 seconds.

There are TWO videos below.  The first one is the raw footage from the body cam.  The second one is from a news station reporting on the story with slow motion footage.


A few days later, Fox 4 of Dallas-Fort Worth, reports on the story:

What are your thoughts on this?

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