Bill Maher Assesses Sarah Palin's Position In The GOP After "The Speech" In Iowa (VIDEO)

Bill Maher is at his finest when he finally addresses the debacle that was Sarah Palin’s speech in Iowa:

Now that many Republicans have come forward and said, “Okay, you were right, Sarah Palin is a crazy person”, they have to ask themselves, “What else might I have been completely wrong about all these years?”

In case you missed it , Palin made a speech in Iowa a couple weeks ago that cryptologists are still working on.  And which I have been holding off on discussing on the outside chance that it might be brilliant in some other language.

He describes her akin to being back in the 80s when you brought someone back to your apartment to do some coke and you can’t get them to stop talking.

We’re not here to gloat…  Didn’t that feel good to finally purge yourself of something that wasn’t sitting well in your gut?  It’s like when you’re sick and you make yourself throw up.  You feel better afterward.

I only have one question for Republicans:  What took you so long?

The rest of us have been watching this dog eat grass for seven years!

I am going to have to agree with the segment 100%!


2 thoughts on “Bill Maher Assesses Sarah Palin's Position In The GOP After "The Speech" In Iowa (VIDEO)

  1. It makes one wonder if living under the Northern Lights has somehow affected her mental neurons.


  2. She read well one truly bitchy teleprompter speech at the ’08 GOP convention & it’s been downhill ever since.


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