USMC Vet and Union Firefighter Wants An Apology From Scott Walker

Sam Yackel

Sam Yackel wants an apology from Scott Walker for Walker’s remarks comparing Wisconsin protesters to ISIS.

Sam Yackel is a Wisconsin Union Fire Fighter and Marine Corps Veteran, serving in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.  Yackel also participated in the heavily publicized and politicized Wisconsin Labor protests in 2011.

Yackel delivered and brief and hard-hitting speech directed at the Governor of Wisconsin and GOP Presidential Hopeful, Scott Walker:

“Governor Walker’s comments are insulting, outrageous, and frankly delusional. I was at the protests in 2011. I stood side by side with my fellow firefighters, police officers, nurses, teachers, and Wisconsinites of all stripes to protest Walker’s attacks on working families and I was proud to do so.

We exercised our first amendment right to petition our government and it is literally the most American thing you can do.

 Let me be clear. Scott Walker doesn’t know the first thing about terrorism, fighting for your country, or being part of a democracy.

His comments were disgusting and offensive to both my service and the pillars of the democracy I fought to protect. He owes me, every man and woman in uniform, and every citizen of Wisconsin an immediate retraction and an apology.”

Ah…  Refreshing isn’t it?  Click here to demand an apology from Scott Walker.


h/t to Wisconsin State AFL-CIO for the story and the image.




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