BREAKING: LAPD Shoot and Kill Unarmed Homeless Man (Raw, Uncut VIDEO)

Initially it wasn’t clear what is happening, or has happened.  But what is clear is that there are several police on the scene with several police vehicles in the background responding to an altercation.

Things are frantic and confusing.  Suddenly, shots ring out and an unarmed homeless man is dead on the sidewalk.  It’s not clear what led up to these events, but this story is breaking and I’ll update as the facts unfold.  (UPDATE:  Apparently tents are allowed on the streets from 9pm until 6am and this was midday, with this man’s tent still on the street.  Hardly punishable by death.)

What is clear is that this man was murdered.  Unnecessarily.  By LAPD.

Please be forewarned that this video contains graphic and disturbing images as well as prolific use of profanity.  If these things offend you, please do not watch the video.



Original Post by Anthony Blackburn.
Featured image is a screenshot from the video(s) above.

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