Georgetown, Texas: 1st In The State To Go 100% Renewable Energy

renewable energy

Georgetown, Texas signed a 25 year contract with SunEdison for 150 megawatts of solar power beginning 2016. SunEdison will be building the solar farm in West Texas to meet the solar needs of Georgetown.

One megawatt of solar power can power as many as 100 homes on the hottest days. On milder days, it can power more than twice that number.

Georgetown also signed a 25 year contract for 144 megawatts of wind power that will be harnessing the wind from a farm outside of Amarillo.

Citing their doubts in a future with fossil-based fuels, like coal and gas, they locked in these contracts as cost saving measures as well as their renewability.

Because of the sheer size and number of sunny days, Texas should be the obvious leader in going solar. However, state legislators have provided fewer incentives than any other state, always favoring big oil.

Georgetown will be the only city in the State of Texas that will be relying 100% on renewable solar and wind power, with their own municipally-owned facilities.  Most Texas cities rely on competing energy companies, not all of which offer 100% renewable energy programs.



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