Madison Bumgarner Is 100% STUD; Fells Tree With Bare Hands (VIDEO)

Madison Bumgarner, badass pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, made a commercial for Carhartt on his ranch in North Carolina. A ranch he purchased after he got his $2million bonus as the first round draft pick, with his high school sweetheart and now-wife Ali.

He loves the smell of the ranch, telling USA Today’s “For The Win“:

“We’ve got a lot of horses, and they have a very distinct smell about them. Anybody out there that owns them knows what I’m talking about. You miss that, and the smell of the woods, the grass, the creeks. All the different smells that you don’t get a chance to be around living downtown somewhere.

We’re outdoorsy type people. Sometimes we go work for fun, and we enjoy doing it. I’m not in ranching for the money, for sure. It’s just a lifestyle that I enjoy living.”

He says that working with his hands and keeping them tough is important for baseball too, keeping his hand-eye coordination sharp. The King of Snot Rockets impresses.

WATCH him chop down a tree with his bare hands:





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