Robert Reich For President in 2016? A Man With A Plan (VIDEO)


If you are not familiar with Robert Reich, now is the time to familiarize yourself. The first reason is because he’s incredibly intelligent and informative. The second reason is that he might be running for President.

Let me just put this out there: I am NOT ready for Hillary “Wall Street” Clinton. I don’t care for her. And I think Elizabeth Warren can do far more good in the Senate than in the White House. I’d love to see Bernie Sanders as President, and he’ll run if we the people (NOT the Kochs and the Corporations) $upport him in a grassroots, boots on the ground campaign.

But back to Robert Reich.  Yesterday this was his status update:

robert reich

I like Robert Reich as much as I like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. He isn’t afraid of anyone. Like Sanders and Warren, he isn’t afraid to call out Democratsincluding President Obama–as well as Republicans and anyone that is doing the country or the world harm.

He spells out how the economic recovery is anemic and why, while offering suggestions on how he might do things differently–given the opportunity. He’s not just blathering, he’s pointing how we’re getting screwed by the gross inequalities along with viable options and solutions.

inequality for all

He has knowledge: He is currently a Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and a Senior Fellow at Blum Center for Developing Economies. And he has some interesting insights on education in today’s world.

He has political experience: He was the Secretary of Labor in the Clinton Administration–when the economy and incomes were very good.


He has a plan: A plan that benefits the greater good, not just the already wealthy few.

Check his documentary “Inequality For All


WATCH his interview with Bill Moyers:


You can follow Robert Reich on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Inform yourselves on all the potential candidates. Doing thins like voting for woman simply because of gender, or voting “straight red” or “straight blue”, is irresponsible and silly. Democrats run as Republicans and vice versa. And just because someon has anatomy similar to yours doesn’t make them the right person for the job.

Inform yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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6 thoughts on “Robert Reich For President in 2016? A Man With A Plan (VIDEO)

  1. I have always liked Robert Reich from the first time I heard him speak. My fear for the the 2016 election is that the word and symbol “Hope” has no meaning and worst will be detrimental when spoken. It is unbelievable that a country like the USA is represented by a party of clowns (GOP) while the democrats have joined the circus that is known as wall street. Love Peace and Happiness .

    Ps can you allow reblogging so i can post to my blog at

    PSs lsearch for anything from Chris Hedges he is a man of honor and courage like Robert


  2. I saw Mr. Reich speak and present his film on Monday evening and was impressed. I would consider him to be an immediate front runner. As for his comment that he is too short, status and stature are not necessarily the same thing.


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