WATCH What Happens When A "Homeless" Man Hands Out Cash (VIDEO)

Let me introduce you to Yousef Saleh Erakat. He is also known as FouseyTUBE, “an Arab Palestinian-American entertainer and motivational speaker who produces parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches, and pranks for his YouTube channel.”

Two days he posted a video of an experiment of how people reacted when he gave the appearance of being a homeless man and tried to give money to people that appeared to be wealthy.

No One Has Ever Become Poor From Giving

He has a sign that says, “No one ever become from giving.” He sits on the sidewalk and sets out to see how people react when they think that a homeless man is offering them money:

WATCH what happens next:

Some people make the whole human race look bad. Yousef Saleh Erakat makes us look good.

You can also follow FouseyTUBE on Facebook and Twitter.

Images are screenshots from the video above.
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