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Congressman Hastings Is All Out Of Fu*ks (VIDEO)

My sister, who lives in Texas, was kind enough to share this video with me wherein Alcee Hastings (a congressman from Florida) is all out of fucks to give.  He tells the congressman from Texas EXACTLY what he thinks about Texas. And it’s delicious. … Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Flatulence Ever Recorded (VIDEO)

For those of you that follow my facebook page, you know that I’m a woman that really appreciates a good fart. In fact, I have recommended cherries and cherry juice for those that want a virtual symphony of flatulence each morning.  … Continue reading

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Australian Comedian Blows Gun Nuts Away With Facts (VIDEO)

“Your First Amendment means I can say your Second Amendment sucks dicks! And unless you’re an American Indian, you’re a fucking immigrant as well! So, fuck off!” Jim Jefferies is an Australian comedian who experienced a home invasion when he … Continue reading

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