MSBNC Producer Leaves Ed Show To Join Bernie Sanders Campaign (VIDEO)

Sanders and Jones by James Holm

It’s no secret that Ed Schultz from MSNBC’s The Ed Show is a fan of Bernie Sanders. Two paired up for Sanders’ first interview as a Presidential candidate. The shows booking producer, Arianna Jones, has also long been a fan of Sanders and just recently announced that she’s leaving The Ed Show to help run Sanders’ presidential campaign and will be working as his Deputy Communications Manager out of the Burlington, Vermont headquarters.

Arianna Jones, a University of Vermont graduate, has also made no secret of her support for Bernie Sanders. Her Twitter feed is chock full of Bernie Sanders. And the likes of Bill Nye:

arianna jones and bill nye

In a recent interview with Sanders, Schultz asked:

Senator, I want your personal reaction to the amount of people that are coming out to see you speak and meet you and hear from you in Iowa. We’re eight months away from the caucuses, and these are crowds that we haven’t seen in contemporary times. What’s your reaction to 700, 800, 1,000 people, 1,100 people showing up to see Bernie Sanders?

To which Sanders replied:

In Minneapolis we had 4,000 people… It’s kind of mind blowing… I think, Ed, what it tells us is there is an enormous frustration today with establishment economics and the greed of the big money interests, establishment politics and the degree to which the wealthy are dominating the political system. People in this country are angry and they want real change, they want a government that works for them and not just the billionaire campaign contributors.

WATCH the whole clip here:

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