What Veterans Have To Say About Joining The Military (VIDEO)

My friend, Wayne, who is active and reserve US Navy made a comment on my personal profile in response to all the really vile comments on this on this thread–most of which have been deleted by way of banning the horrible people. It’s sarcastic and biting, but oh so true:

We all need to be good little consumers. This means guns too; especially the ones that spit out as many bullets as possible.

Stop questioning the faults and motives of our dearly elected officials; especially of the conservative ilk, as they have our best interests in mind.

Whatever you do…don’t question our corporate owners! They are job creators; especially the military industrial complex. This is the greatest nation; Christian Nation, in the world. We are Gods chosen country. Just ask Michelle Bachmann, she’ll tell ya…when she’s done praying the Gay away. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

And, God Dammit… Show some respect for our military leaders, as all they want is to send our service members in to harm’s way to fight for our freedom in the desert, or in some obscure place in Africa; where our freedom exists.

All brown people are evil; especially the Muslims. What’s wrong with you people??? Don’t you know this is the greatest Imperialistic nation in the world?!?

Which resonated with what Retired Special Forces Sergeant Stan Goff lamented. In part:

That organization [the military] does not exist to give you money to go to school. That organization exists to assert the political will of the United States Government against other people by force of arms.

I raised my hand fives times during the course of one career and I took an oath. And that oath was to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. In all eight of the conflict areas I never met a single person that was an enemy of the United States Constitution. Not one.

WATCH his whole discussion here:

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